Design, all the coffee, heavy music & tacos lots of tacos.

I enjoy the challenge of building new products from scratch or optimizing and bringing new life to existing ones to achieve the goals of the user better and work better for the business goals. 

My background has allowed me to work across the entire digital product design and marketing process for both websites and mobile apps including business strategy, branding and visual communication, UX research and design, user interface design and marketing campaigns.

Recently I've had the honour to work on some inspiring projects for Facebook, Telus, Oculus and startups like Brightmind.


Main Skills.


User experience design
Understand the user and create for them

User interface design
How do users interact with the product

Strategy and Workshops
What are we building and why

Launch and Test
Does this work and how can we get it out



Always learn and adapt
Listen, learn and be humble 

Get down to the why
What is the problem at its core

Simplicity and collaboration
Simple always wins, and you need a team to do it

Do what's right
What's the best thing for the user and the client

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